The leading manufacturer of pc wire and pc strand in China.

Professional supplier of PC wire strand for your concrete construction projects.

Chinese first 10-day-delivery pc wire strand producer

PC Strand
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PC Wire
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Prestressed Anchorage
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Prestressed Corrugated Pipe
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Since 1994, focusing on the production of prestressed wire

Chunpeng always provides customers with prestressed concrete products of good quality and performance. With 26 years of production and export experience, Chunpeng has become the main partner of government projects home and abroad. Chunpeng adheres to producing prestressed concrete products according to standards and providing good technical solutions for all customers.

We are willing to be your:

  • High-quality supplier of prestressed concrete products
  • Professional consultant solving all kinds of technical problems in projects
  • Sincere friend providing good payment terms
  • Trusted partner advising market trend and right purchasing time


  We will be one of your core competitiveness
  Fastest delivery time in 7 days.
  Multiple countries’ products quality certificates.
  Various payment terms.
  Professional team to follow up the whole orders.
  100% quality check before shipping.
  Free technical support.


Prestressed concrete steel wire

Prestressed Concrete/PC Steel Wire

  • plain surface pc steel wire
  • indented pc steel wire
  • spiral ribbed pc wire
  • BS5896 4.8mm Spiral ribbed indented Prestressed pc Steel Wire
  • BS5896 SWRH82B 5.0mm high tensile pc wire manufacturer
Prestressed concrete steel strand

Prestressed Concrete/PC Steel Strand

  • bonded pc strand
  • epoxy pc strand
  • unbonded pc strand
  • pc strand 7 wires 12.7mm prestressed concrete steel strand
  • 15.24MM Prestressed Concrete Steel Strand for Hollow Core Slab
Prestressed pipe and anchorage for post tension