In the past year, CHUNPENG is very honored to be taken care of by everyone. Because of everyone’s support and trust, CHUNPENG’s sales have remained high. Here, CHUNPENG extends the most sincere wishes to users, wishing everyone a happy Spring Festival and all the best. I hope you will continue to pay attention to our website and support us in the future.
CHUNPENG always provides customers with prestressed concrete products of good quality and performance. With 26 years of production and export experience, CHUNPENG has become the main partner of government projects home and abroad. CHUNPENG adheres to producing prestressed concrete products according to standards and providing good technical solutions for all customers.
In order to control the quality of products, we are equipped with a professional quality inspection system, we have carried out all-around control in every link from product manufacturing to export, and we have implemented a fully transparent and open mechanism. All items will be inspected and tested to avoid damage and missing parts before shipping. Detailed inspection pictures of the order will be sent to you for your confirmation before shipment.
We have a complete service system, and our thoughtful pre-sales and after-sales services have been well received by users. Therefore, CHUNPENG is a very reliable choice, and we will also tailor a comprehensive solution for you.
Our news updates share a lot of relevant knowledge about products for everyone to understand and reference. If you have any needs, you can contact us. During the Spring Festival, we will also arrange for professional staff to answer you patiently.