PC strand, also called prestressed concreted strand, is widely used in the construction industry. Meanwhile, according to its type, PC steel strand, as the most popular and applications of wide-range, should be high tension low relaxation prestressed concrete strand. So why it’s so different from other types of PC strand steel? Let’s have a look and comprehend its advantages, process, and finishes below.

Types of Steel Strands

Normally we consider prestressing concrete strand wire as simple and boring products. However, in this industry, insiders may divide steel strands into many types in accordance with its materials’ characteristics, the structure itself, surface coating, and so on. Well, let’s know complete classification information:

Coating of Steel Strands

We may sort PC strand as smooth steel strand, mold pulling strand, coated epoxy resin steel strand, plastic coating wire rope, copper coating steel wire ropes, etc.

Structures of Steel Strands

Sometimes, you may hear of 2 wires, 7 wires, or even 19 wires steel strand. Actually, insiders classify the steel wire rope according to its structure, meanwhile, the commonly used structure should be 7 wires.

Materials of Steel Wire Ropes

Often we also know it as aluminum coating steel strand, stainless steel strand, and common carbon steel strand.

Use of Steel Wire Ropes

Now we may consider about PC strand, stainless steel strand, and zinc-coated steel strand, etc.

Low Relaxation PC Strand V.S Normal Relaxation PC Strand

Now, let’s discuss about low relaxation prestressed concrete strand and normal relaxation PC steel strand. So why the most of applications choose the first type, namely the low relaxation PC strand? We may know the reason after comparing the difference between the LRPC strand and the NRPC strand.
At the first, the strength loss of low relaxation PC strand is smaller than stress-relieved PC strands after post-tensioning test.
The second, these two types of PC strand own different quality, low-relaxation prestressed steel strand is much better than stress-relieved PC strands.
The third, when working during high temperature environment, its elasticity and fastening effects are totally different between low-relaxation strand and normal-relaxation strands. Former is really much better than normal relaxation strand steel.

Application of Low Relaxation PC Strand

Low-relaxation steel PC strands we manufactured, are suitable for long-span prestressed and post-tensioned concrete construction according to its excellent advantages. Its final applications include bridges build, viaducts, multi-storey concrete buildings, such as shopping malls, parking lots or houses.
Certainly, another wide use of low relaxation strand is for mining. As a professional PC strand manufacturer, CHUNPENG manufactures high-quality low relaxation PC strands that have already exported to worldwide and widely used for mining industry with good comments from buyers.