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Precautions for Storage and Lifting of Prestressed Concrete Steel Strands

Precautions for Storage and Lifting of Prestressed Concrete Steel Strands

Issue Time:2021-05-06

Prestressed concrete steel strands are widely used in various projects, covering many fields. However, if we do not pay attention during the storage and lifting process, it will affect the performance of the prestressed concrete steel wire strand. The following are the specific storage and lifting precautions of prestressed concrete steel strands.


Steel strand for prestressed concrete is stored in a dry warehouse at room temperature. For outdoor and construction site storage, sleepers should be built on the pavement. Direct contact with wet and cold pavements is forbidden, and tarpaulins or rain sheds should be added. Minimize the storage time limit as much as possible. For special conditions, rust-proof packaging should be used in the order. The floating rust on the surface of the prestressed concrete steel wire strands does not harm the application, but the visible (small pits) will harm its physical properties.

Prestressed concrete steel strands need to have a good ventilation environment when they are stored. The ground should be hardened with concrete to ensure drainage of the surrounding area. Under the concrete strands, the spools need to be padded with square wood. Different batches of concrete strands need to be stored separately.
There should be no dirt such as dirt on the steel strand wire for prestressed concrete and the oil should be cleaned up before storage. When cutting, make sure that the length of the concrete strands is the same. The concrete strand should be used and dropped when using the blanking material, which can effectively reduce the rust ratio of the concrete strand.


The concrete steel strands should be hoisted one by one, and the stacking should be orderly with a gap. Unbonded prestressed concrete steel strands should be hoisted in parallel with 3 brown rope grommets. It is forbidden to use steel wire ropes to hang directly. The prestressed concrete steel strands in coils should be lifted by forklifts or common lifting tools to prevent breakage and breakage package.

If we pay more attention to the storage and lifting of the prestressed concrete steel wire strands, we can avoid premature wear of the prestressed concrete steel strands. If you want to know more information and solutions about steel strand wire for prestressed concrete after reading the above, you can get it by contacting us. And we produce high-quality prestressed concrete steel strand products, which can meet your purchase needs.

As a professional manufacturer of prestressed concrete products, we have many years of manufacturing experience. We have always insisted on producing according to standards and strictly inspecting product quality. And we also provide customers with good solutions. If you want to buy our high-quality prestressed concrete steel strands, please contact us immediately!

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