Flat Anchorage

Post Tensioning Concrete Construction
Wedge: 78-85HRA, Anchor Head: 25-36HRC
12.7mm, 15.2mm, 15.7mm, etc
2 Pieces

Product Details:

Round Anchorage

The shape of the anchor head is flat. The layout of the prestressing tendons are usually horizontal and parallel. The BM stressing flat anchorage is applied for strands of 12.7mm, 15.2mm and 17.8mm.

It gets rid of the disadvantages of the over-concentrated prestress and large sizes in two directions of the group anchorages. The distribution of the prestress is more reasonable. The thickness of the anchor head can be thinner. It is usually applied in hogging moment such as the horizontal prestress of the floor of the buildings and bridges and simple support continuous girder.

Components for one full set:Anchor head+wedge+bearing plate+spiral reinforcement
Round anchorage:1-50 holes
Flat anchorage:2-5 holes
Material of anchor head:
Material of wedge:
Material of bearing plate:
Material of spiral reinforcement:
Port of Shipment:Tianjin Port, China
Payment: T/T or L/C
Package:in cartons or wooden boxes
Application:post tension projects such as bridges, malls and roads.


Prestressing Anchorage is mainly composed of the following parts:

1)Anchor Head

In post tensioned prestressed concrete structure or prestressed steel structure, it is a permanent anchoring device used to maintain the tension of prestressed reinforcement and transfer it to the structure.

2)Wedges (Clamp Grip)

A temporary anchoring device used to maintain the tension of the prestressed tendon and fix it on the production pedestal (or equipment) during the production of pretensioned prestressed concrete members; When post tensioning prestressed concrete structure or prestressed steel structure is used to tension prestressed tendons, a temporary anchoring device is used to clamp the prestressed tendons on the tensioning jack or equipment.

Coupler is a device used to connect prestressed tendons.

4)Bearing Plate
Bearing Plate in the post-tensioned prestressed concrete structure, the components used to withstand the prestressed force from the anchor and transmit it to the concrete include Basic Bearing Plate and Casting Bearing Plate. Basic Bearing Plate in the post-tensioned prestressed concrete structure, the prestressed force from the anchor is directly transferred to the steel plate of the concrete. 
Casting Bearing Plate The backing plate that casts the end plate and the horn tube into one, usually adds a secondary flange or a tertiary flange to the horn section, and the force transmission depends on the end plate, the horn section and the flange.


Prestressed Anchorage are widely used in highway bridges, railway bridges, urban interchanges, rail transit, high-rise buildings, water conservancy and hydropower dams, port wharves, LNG low-temperature natural gas storage and transportation tanks, wind power towers, photovoltaic power generation supports, rock slope protection and anchoring, foundation reinforcement, tunnel support, prestressed grid structures, urban subways, large comprehensive venues, warehouse plants, tower buildings, heavy lifting, intermittent sliding membrane propulsion, bridge and tunnel pushing In prestressed structures such as large vessels and ships, sleepers, replacement of bridge bearings, reinforcement of bridges and buildings, reinforcement works, anti-magnetic and anti-corrosion works (fiber anchors), carbon fiber reinforcement, pretensioned beam field construction, external prestressed works, stay cables, suspension cables, suspenders, etc., appropriate anchorages, clamps and connectors shall be selected according to the project environmental conditions, structural characteristics, prestressed reinforcement varieties and tensioning construction methods.

Company Profile:

CHUNPENG is a professional manufacturer of pc strand, pc steel wire, unbonded pc strand, retard bonded pc strand, anchorage and post tension ducts in Tianjin, China. Our company was established in 1994 and we specialize in manufacturing the following products:
PC strand:2/3/7/19 wire pc strand with diameters from 4.85mm to 23mm, 13 production lines and annual output is 220000 tons.
PC wire:smooth surface/spiral ribbed/indented pc wire with diameters from 4mm to 10mm, 4 production lines and annual output is 50000 tons.
Anchorage:round and flat anchor head, bearing plates, wedges and spiral reinforcements, 3 production lines and annual output is 7000000 holes.
Ducts:metal and HDPE types, 4 production lines and annual output is 6000000 meters.

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